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Bards of the Blogosphere: Week 3 Chapter 8- The Reunion

N.B. - This is the eighth chapter of the third week in the 'Game of Blogs' by the team 'Bards of the Blogosphere'. #CelebrateBlogging

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I start my day with your thoughts. I pray to you every night to be happy and safe- wherever you are, be the one u are because change is constant and the world is ever-changing but your soul must never change Because that's the only one i know that's the only one i feel.
The train of thoughts suddenly stopped with the screeching sound of the wheels. The car pulled over at the road beside the jail. Jennifer was not sure what should she feel- Should she be relaxed that her battle is over, should she be relieved that the love of her life is safe, should she be anxious that she’s going to meet him after so many days. So many stories to tell, so many sorrows to absorb, so much pain to steal- it made her shudder to remember those nights when she woke up screaming his name. 
But he was still unaware- unawar…