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World Full of Strangers

Sometimes, a good story inspires you to write your own. It’s a vicious circle of stories all around us- stories that make strangers your best friends and sometimes compel you to question your own existence. Smart phone, tablet, phablet, iPad, Kindle etc- so many innovations, so much convenience. However, listening to stories from fellow passengers in a second class train compartment has been the best memory I have of storytelling. To know a city, you don’t need to know its streets and landmarks, just know its people and that would be all. Do you judge the city by how the houses are arranged or how the people treated you? Strangers play a major role in our life- they are the fillers of our world. They are the society which we have segregated on the basis of acquaintance and non acquaintance. Yet strangers are the people we fear the most. Strange is it?

In April 2013, people discussed, criticized and shared the incidence of apathy shown by the public in case of a road accident in Jaipur …