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Curious case of a fat girl

This might not be my best post but this is definitely one that comes straight from my heart. As the disclaimer goes, this post is based on true incidents but some examples are totally fictitious or exaggerated. 

So, who is fat?

Please don’t look at me, I know the answer lies in some index called BMI and there’s some cut off and limits but all these are medical terms. When do you realize you are fat?
Three symptoms:
a. When you are loitering around with a group of girls and suddenly you encounter a weighing machine and then while all other girls are sighing and complaining of their weight loss, your heart is too afraid to pump blood to your brain and wants to elope.
b. While you are in a statistics class and the teacher talks about a data set comprising of weight of the students and you stare at him in anticipation of being declared an outlier on higher side.
c. When you buy a lot of chocolates and snacks for your friends at the college canteen and the regular guy at the cash counter bl…