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A chance encounter with solitude

The mere feeling of being alive and nothing else is not a very positive sign. Life has become a marathon- you run, you become tired, you wait, you see others moving ahead, you gather strength and start again. People you meet do not stay for long, faces you begin to recognize just pass by in moments. You feel sad about it but you have no one to blame because you do the same with others. Ever thought why this alienation, this egotism, this pretension of being the only unmalicious person? First you separate your country then your religion, your state, your city, your colony, your house, your family and then yourself and complain of loneliness? Is it the life you ever wanted when you were a small child waving to every passer by? Didn't you share your tiffin with those who did not bring lunch to school? Did you ever ask your first crush what his/her father's income was? Everyone wished you knowledge and success but in the process of learning, you unlearned the qualities that accom…