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The weeping silence

I vividly remember the fateful night. I was sleeping cuddled to my grandmother. My goat Sumi was tied near the door and I could hear the ghungroos tied around her neck. Suddenly my father lifted me up and carried away from my daadi I could see how she was crying and begging my father not to leave her alone. My father wiped his tears and assured he will call her soon. My tears were replaced with amazement when I saw my parents struggling their way through a large crowd similar to the annual village fair. We got into a very long bus that carried us all to somewhere called city. I fell asleep and woke up with a jerk. I was carried down from the rickshaw and taken to a big bungalow ’s dingy basement. It was hot, suffocating and stinky- very different from my cool and airy mud hut. I was left there alone and my parents went upstairs to work. There was no garden where I could play, no friend to talk to, no goat to chase and no dream to talk about.
Days were long and difficult while nights …

Curious case of a fat girl

This might not be my best post but this is definitely one that comes straight from my heart. As the disclaimer goes, this post is based on true incidents but some examples are totally fictitious or exaggerated. 

So, who is fat?

Please don’t look at me, I know the answer lies in some index called BMI and there’s some cut off and limits but all these are medical terms. When do you realize you are fat?
Three symptoms:
a. When you are loitering around with a group of girls and suddenly you encounter a weighing machine and then while all other girls are sighing and complaining of their weight loss, your heart is too afraid to pump blood to your brain and wants to elope.
b. While you are in a statistics class and the teacher talks about a data set comprising of weight of the students and you stare at him in anticipation of being declared an outlier on higher side.
c. When you buy a lot of chocolates and snacks for your friends at the college canteen and the regular guy at the cash counter bl…

The voice of silence

She saw her reflection on the window glass. Her Henna dyed hair was playing with the long line of vermillion sindoor. “Age is taking its toll on me”- she whispered to herself. She looked out of the window- with every passing vehicle, she could see her life rewinding, one year per car. Soon she reached her childhood- in the village, with her childhood friends, not in a closed room like this but beneath an old mango tree. She was well educated, a post graduate unlike her friends. Hers was a love marriage unlike her friends’. She was settled in a big city unlike her friends but still her heart belonged to them. “I will write to them today.”- She thought. Among all the dissimilarities, one thing was similar between them-they were housewives.
Shortly, her thoughts were marred by a series of alarms. It was time for her husband’s office and children’s school. She went to the kitchen and started applying cheese spread over the bread to prepare sandwiches. Milk was boiling over the gas stove…

A chance encounter with solitude

The mere feeling of being alive and nothing else is not a very positive sign. Life has become a marathon- you run, you become tired, you wait, you see others moving ahead, you gather strength and start again. People you meet do not stay for long, faces you begin to recognize just pass by in moments. You feel sad about it but you have no one to blame because you do the same with others. Ever thought why this alienation, this egotism, this pretension of being the only unmalicious person? First you separate your country then your religion, your state, your city, your colony, your house, your family and then yourself and complain of loneliness? Is it the life you ever wanted when you were a small child waving to every passer by? Didn't you share your tiffin with those who did not bring lunch to school? Did you ever ask your first crush what his/her father's income was? Everyone wished you knowledge and success but in the process of learning, you unlearned the qualities that accom…