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Roadizens of the city

One sweet November night, after having a sumptuous meal, I was enjoying a long drive with my friends. Winter had already commenced and was ready to take toll on the dark night. It seemed we were going to experience the first foggy night of the winter. The transparency of the glass was being challenged intermittently and the plastic wipers had to be supplemented with human hands. Suddenly a ghastly apparition made our car screech. The first expression that we could manage was, “What the hell!!”. What we could see at that time was an imprint of a small hand on the front glass of the car. We lowered our window glass and peeped out. There was a young lady in her late twenties with a one year old kid. She was full of tears, dressed up like a mannequin put up in support of recycling of waste materials. She begged, “We are hungry. It’s too cold. Please help me. Give me some money so that I can buy some milk for my child.” All of us were too fumed to entertain her plea. We shook our head and …