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The nitty gritty of life

Last week, my maternal uncle passed away. He was one of my mother’s four brothers. My maternal grand father died just six months before my mother’s marriage. My uncle had not only been a support to my mother but had also been a good friend to my father. A fighter at heart, having fought innumerous miseries in life, he finally succumbed to heart attack. His most commendable virtue was his open mind towards the changing society. In today’s world of modern globalized consumer India contrasted by issues like khap panchayat, honour killings and dowry system; he ensured all his children (even his sisters) get well educated and capable of being financially independent (all his daughters are post graduate). Of course, it is no big deal but living in a small village which does not have educational facilities beyond high school, it takes extra pain. He never encouraged dowry – neither as a father of son nor as a father of daughter. Although I was never that close to him, he loved me dearly. I s…