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We are not complicated, we are angry!

Few days back there was a controversy surrounding Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar over his tweet glorifying manual scavengers as ‘cleaning soldiers’. So all the responsible citizens stood against this thoughtless and insensitive tweet. Kudos to the changing society but as I was going through the details of this news piece, I received a WhatsApp message from a male friend of mine on the occasion of International Day of The Girl Child- “Seven Complicated Facts about Women”. 
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He might have thought while the world is busy sharing serious articles over the issue, he can bring some smiles by sending across what seems a harmless comic forward. I guess it was a bad day for him because I was not amused. I sent him back this:
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He was amused and complimented me on my witty reply. However, I was annoyed- annoyed at the confusion of the expectations of the people. Society glorifies hard working mothers, who work 24*7 relentlessly, even more on holidays. At the …
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A small note to the voice in my head

Dear voice in my head,
Ever since I learned languages, I taught you how to put forward your opinions and take a stand. When I was a kid, I reflected you like a mirror. People used to laugh at you but adore me. When I grew up, my parents and teachers conspired against you and convinced me somehow to listen to you selectively. I confess many a time I completely agreed with you but went against you to make everyone happy. I still remember the day when I witnessed an accident. You urged me to take the injured person to the hospital but I rebuked you and acted like I saw nothing. You were very upset with me that day. I almost broke your heart the day I decided to go against your wish to pursue arts and enrolled myself in a prestigious engineering college. I broke your trust and you never spoke to me for several days.
But since last month, your behaviour has been weird. You have become too aggressive, almost impossible to be calmed down. I visited a psychiatrist and she told me you have te…

A Chance Encounter with a Knowledgeable Soul

It was an unusually busy day. There was a long queue to the registration desk and the form to be filled was pretty long. I was already very upset over how the day went for me and now this mismanaged system was further pissing me off. There were scribes at the registration desk and candidates had to dictate everything. How inappropriate and old fashioned it was. First, in this 21st century when we are so used to give feedback on touch screen tablets, who use such laggard method and secondly, what about the privacy? I had to divulge my details in front of dozens of people. For the umpteenth time, I asked a volunteer about the delay. Uninterested, he replied to me that the manager was on lunch break and so there was a delay in allocation of seats. I asked him if this allocation was based on first come first serve basis or reservations? He got annoyed and said, “This place is beyond all politics, the allocations are made purely on the basis of merit. Even if you are a rainmaker, you can’…

Am I intolerant?

So this might be the first time I am writing about a burning topic because you know I am too lazy to voice my opinion. It’s a long process- You voice your opinion very loosely without checking on the facts. N number of people would support you while N+1 number of people would give you thumbs down. Your ego would be hurt and even if you have realized that you were wrong in your assumption, you can’t go back because now you are representing a certain belief and you have to stand by your words else you are not a man enough.
Not deviating more from the topic, here I am with my two cents on this national favourite trending topic. First of all I don’t understand why we use the word ‘tolerance’ which itself is a very negative term? Why don’t we use the term ‘celebration?’ Why do we tolerate other beliefs, why don’t we celebrate? I am a Hindu by religion and I am quite proud of it but more than that I am proud of the fact that I am Indian. It’s not because of the 80+% of Hindu population but i…

Depression- An insider’s account

A tale of a bossy brain, out of control hormones, a confused heart and a bruised soul
Who would you listen to?
Imagine the best day of your life. What is it like? You wake up at 6 am, hit the gym at 8, workout till you get exhausted, have a healthy breakfast, grab a coffee and show on time to office. You are greeted by cheerful colleagues; you have another round of coffee with them and a gossip session too. Suddenly, there is a crisis in office and you come up with a brilliant idea. Your boss appreciates you, your team loves you. After work, you hang out with your friends. Your parents/partner calls you up and you spend hours chit chatting. Before going to bed, you write a blog post which instantly gets 50 likes. You sleep peacefully like a child.
Now imagine, you wake up in a hospital bed, bandaged and unable to move your legs. You have bunches of flowers around you. All your loved ones are showering you with love, blessings, wishes and sympathy. You try to get up but no one would …


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It was 8 am only but I was late- the same old story of a poor soul trapped in a corporate world. While I was climbing the stairs to the metro station with a dazed face, something sparkled in my eyes. It was a mix of vibrant colours against the plain pastel wall of the station. An octogenarian lady wearing a bright silk saree and a lot of trinkets was trying to do something with her trembling hands. I could see a long steel needle sparkling in the morning sun. She was making a garland using red, yellow and pink flowers. They looked beautiful, only if I could buy them and decorate my puja place I was wondering.
It was 8 pm and I was climbing down the stairs of metro station while still on concall with clients. I found my old friend again with her basket still full of flowers. While there was chaos going on the other side of the phone, there was a complete calm on the lady’s face. Only her eyes were speaking- they were curiously looking at every passer by try…


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One rainy morning, Gregor gets up in the morning and finds out that he has turned into an insect! Instead of panicking over how he turned into a bug and how he can get back into his original form, he was worried how to get to the work as soon as possible. Metamorphosis is a masterpiece by Franz Kafka which is inspired by his own life. The novel revolves around an event which seems to be absurd and unrealistic in real world but has been dealt with utmost practicality. Metamorphosis is a story that has forced me to think about a lot of issues that’s going around in the contemporary world even though the story was written almost a century ago. This post is not a book review but my retrospection over few relevant issues.
The hackneyed term “WLB”- Work Life Balance
Let’s accept this fact that most of the good intentioned organizations also do not understand this term. Even though companies are serious about the wor…